Apple Waxing Coating By Fruits & Vegetables Waxes
Waxing Coating on Apples is one of the most important processes which is required for keeping apples fresh and shiny for a long period of time. Owing to storage and transportation, Apples often tends to loose shine and freshness. Apples Waxing Coating Process is widely adopted by apple Cultivators Dealers Suppliers and Sellers worldwide as a measure to increase the shelf-life of apples and to create more sheen and lustre for the fruit.

Apple is one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits and the most widely consumed fruit
worldwide. Apple grows on small deciduous trees. It is assumed that apple tree originated in
Central Asian Countries. Wild Ancestor of apple's MalusSieversil, is still found today in
Central Asia. Different Varieties of Apples are being grown for thousands of years in Asian
and European Countries. European Colonizers and Merchants brought apple to North and South American Continent. In year 2010, More than 60 Millions of different Apples varieties were grown in world, Out of which at least half were grown in China. USA, Turkey, Italy and India are other big Apples Cultivating countries of the world after China. Apart to fresh fruit,
Apples are also used in other edible & drinkable products like desserts, juices etc.

Nipro Fresh Wax Coating for Apple has the following advantages:

- Reduces Weight Loss
- Maintains Freshness and Firmness
- Reduces spoilage during transportation and storage
- Enhances original texture and color of the fruit

Nipro Fresh is completely safe for use and is made from US FDA approved components. For more information, kindly email us your requirement.

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