Citrus Waxing Coating By Fruits & Vegetables Waxes
Citrus Fruit is the juiciest among all other fruits. So the Waxing Coating process is widely applied on Citrus. Waxing Coating on Citrus Fruit prevents the loss of moisture, which keeps Citrus fruits juicy and fresh for long period. Waxing Coating Process of Citrus is widely adopted by citrus Cultivators Producers Suppliers Sellers Dealers and Exporters in all over the world.

Citrus and its related varieties like oranges, lemons etc. are being cultivated since olden time in world. Waxing Coating process on Citrus fruit is adopted widely in world. Like many
other fruits, a  long time gap is found after production and before consumption of Citrus
fruits, which passes in Storage and  transportation processes. So it is very necessary to keep citrus fruits  fresh, shiny and juicy before reaching the customer. So after production of Citrus, Cultivators, Wholesalers, Dealers and sellers adopt the use of Waxes for waxing
coating of Citrus. Waxing Coating on Citrus prevents weight loss and maintains freshness
& shine.

It has been researched that Citrus fruits basically originate from Australia, New Guinea.
However it is believed that Citrus fruits could also be  originated from Burma (Myanmar)
and southern china's Yunnan Province. It is also considered that other Citrus related
varieties as Oranges, mandarins and lemons originate from the south East Asian countries.


Nipro Fresh Wax Coating for Citrus has the following advantages:

-          Reduces Weight Loss

-          Maintains Freshness and Firmness

-          Reduces spoilage during transportation and storage

-          Enhances original texture and color of the fruit


Nipro Fresh is completely safe for use and is made from US FDA approved components.

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