Pineapple Waxing Coating By Fruit & Vegetable Waxes
Like on many other Fruits, Waxing Coating on Pineapple is helpful for preventing weight loss and to keep Pineapples fresh and juicy for a long period of time. Cultivators and Wholesalers are widely using waxes for Waxing Coating of Pineapples. The Wax Coating on Pineapples has seen a very long lasting effect on increasing and maintaining the shine of pineapples.

Pineapple originated from the South America Continent. South American Countries Brazil and Paraguay are assumed to be the main originating countries. Different colonizers and merchants brought Pineapple to North American, European, African and Asian Countries. Pineapple plants were successfully cultivated in different countries by cultivators. Pineapple fruit is eaten as a fresh fruit. Apart from this Pineapple is widely used in sweets, food items and in Juices.

Nipro Fresh Wax Coating for Pineapple has the following advantages:

-          Reduces Weight Loss

-          Maintains Freshness and Firmness

-          Reduces spoilage during transportation and storage

-          Enhances original texture and color of the fruit


Nipro Fresh is completely safe for use and is made from US FDA approved components.

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