Orange Waxing Coating By Fruits & Vegetables Waxes
Waxing Coating on Orange is helpful for preventing weight loss. During long period of storage, humidity causes oranges to dry which causes weight loss of the fruit. As time passes, orange also tends to lose its sheen and shine. Therefore, for preventing these problem oranges are waxed coated by Fruits Waxes on the outer surface of Oranges. Waxing Coating of Oranges stops decrease in moisture and also maintains the shine of Oranges.

Orange is a species of Citrus which is normally sweet and also sometimes little bitter sour in taste. It is assumed that orange probably originated from Southeast Asia. As far as 2500 BC Oranges were cultivated in China. Later Orange was introduced and popularized in European and American Continent by old merchants and colonizers. Orange trees are grown in tropica land subtropical climate. Normally Orange is eaten as a fresh fruit from trees and also consumed in the form of fresh and packed juice.


Nipro Fresh Wax Coating for Orange has the following advantages:

-          Reduces Weight Loss

-          Maintains Freshness and Firmness

-          Reduces spoilage during transportation and storage

-          Enhances original texture and color of the fruit


Nipro Fresh is completely safe for use and is made from US FDA approved components.

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